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Distribution & Logistics

Distribution routes and merchandising/ sales territories develop fortuitously over time which can result in regions or routes overlapping or crisscrossing each other.  Distribution strategy is optimised within the geospatial environment. Geographic information and functionality enables logistic optimisation, and DriveTimeZa provides the technology to maximise efficiencies of time and distance to maximise cost efficiencies. The spatial environment also provides geographic parameters for routing in terms of distribution vehicles utilised, distribution loads, size and quantity of product, required delivery turn around etc.

Distribution data can also be overlaid with census data in order to correlate distribution mechanisms with market size and location.  Census 2011 data is now available in the spatial format providing information such as population and household counts, as well as demographic information such as population age groups, education levels, income levels etc.

Distribution data can also be overlaid with other locational data such as location of competitors, commuter convergence points or other points of interest.  These are used to predict consumption patterns and market activity.