About Spatial Insights

Spatial Insights is one of the few Spatial Service providers in South Africa that focuses specifically on the provision of geo-analytical services, based on a foundation of 18 years experience in data analysis and geo-matics, system training and support, as well as GIS system implementation.

Spatial Insights delivers geographical data solutions across Southern Africa with from an operational base in Stellenbosch, Western Cape. We have developed key strategic alliances with the aim of opening up the access to Location Intelligence for small and large organisations, with organisations such as ST Group, GeoTerraImage, GISSA and Latitude Resources.

Our software technologies provide cost effective solutions for analysis of “big data” when compared with other data visualisations processes. Our passion is data, and the elevation of data formats and collection processes within South African businesses and organisations. The lack of clean data within organisations is often internally prohibitive to gaining authentic insight, or even to providing the levels leverage to operations that such data is potentially capable of. However clean, verifiable data provides the platform for gaining accurate insights that support effective decision making.

Another key focus for our business is that of sustainability. We believe in assisting our clients, partners and stakeholders in cementing “business tomorrow”. Operational processes that are effective today, must not impinge on the ability to operate in the future.

At Spatial Insights we are passionate about making a positive contribution to organisations in the public and the private sector in South Africa, and we maintain focus on improving the lives of the citizens of the country through skills development, in terms of equipping the local business people with the skills to operate, and are constantly on the lookout for opportunities to work with local NGO’s and their community networks.


Our passion and our focus is on utilising data to drive sustainable decision making processes through data building, systems setup and geospatial analysis.

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