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Geocoding is the name of the process that puts your data onto the map, so to speak.  Geocoding creates and captures an x and y coordinate for every record on a database.  This facilitates the overlay of the dataset onto the map, allowing for geospatial analysis of the data.

Spatial Database Development:

Implementation of systems and procedures facilitating the development of data for utilisation within the geographic framework.

Spatial Data Analysis:

  • Geodemographic Profiling
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Catchment Area Analysis
  • Merchandising optimisation
  • Optimising of distribution footprints or coverage
  • Analysis of competitive retail activity
  • Geographic media analytics
  • Locating target markets / potential untapped markets

Mapping / Reporting:

Geospatial output in the form of map production or analytic spatial  reporting

Geographic Information System Setup:

Setup and implementation of GIS systems internal to organisations including organisational scoping, system design, procurement of software and data, system setup and implementation,  as well as monitoring and feedback processes.

Geographic Media Coverage

Geospatial local and regional media footprints.

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